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From the year 2019 to now, the crypto craze hasn't been over. Moreover, crypto projects spontaneously create their economies around the world. According to CoinGecko, more than 20,000 crypto projects are still being awakened to provide their services worldwide. These values of blockchain, NFT, and Web3 have taken their partitions. These rough numbers are beyond their value and will increase in the upcoming years. So when the crypto market is heavily competitive, you need to strengthen your crypto business with the help of a proprietary digital marketing agency. In its presence, NounQ is a Crypto marketing company that delicately fulfills your unique needs and they will provide tailored-made crypto marketing strategies suitable for your crypto business from the top digital marketing experts

What is Crypto marketing?

This type of marketing is purely for crypto-related products or services (i.e., crypto exchange, wallet, Web3, Metaverse, lending, borrowing, etc.). The purpose of digital marketing for the crypto business is to improve brand awareness, get a large user base, and generate more business leads. These are all beneficial and have come under crypto marketing.

Generally, crypto marketing is very different from traditional digital marketing It should be described using the crypto technology and the circumference market. At other times, the whole market should be run depending on community-oriented. In some regions, crypto adoptions are still in an earlier stage.

What Does a Crypto Marketing Agency Do?

The role of the best crypto marketing agency is to promote your cryptocurrency, token, and blockchain products like Metaverse, Web3, etc. A Blockchain marketing agency is helping to improve your brand recognition, reach wider targeted audiences, achieve marketing goals, and keep your business in the competitive world. All of these benefits you’ll experience by partnering up with a professional digital marketing agency

We Offer Multiple Kinds Of Crypto-Based Digital Marketing Services.

Our NounQ team will specifically have expertise in crypto-related marketing in every aspect. We list out some crypto marketing services like

Crypto Exchange Marketing

Now that the competition situation in the crypto market has arisen for doing digital marketing for the crypto exchange business, you can invest much more effort and money to promote your crypto exchange and have a unique selling proposition (USP) for your crypto exchange business. For this kind of crypto exchange business, you must focus on SEO, content, PPC marketing, and Twitter for your niche audience marketing, which is perfect for this type of crypto marketing.

NFT Business Marketing

As far as NFT marketing, you need engaging advertising campaigns for your freak-out NFT targeted audience. NFT marketing includes running social media ads, PPC marketing campaigns, press releases, and influencer marketing. That will result in growing your platform audience and increasing your NFT sales.

Web3 Business Marketing

Web3 is an emerging trend in the crypto space. Specifically, web3 business marketing should be focused on attracting your audience by creating clickbait PRs, social media ads, and a community for your web3 business on famous platforms like Discord, Twitter, and Telegram channels.

Metaverse Business Marketing

Metaverse business is depicted in the market as a premium segment for the audience. Likewise, your marketing strategy will have a unique and higher level of attributes, starting from social media posts to ways of promoting content. The same way of promoting things, such as having your niche industry audience run targeted social media ads, PPC, press releases, and influencer marketing, all these things make your business grow efficiently in a certain period.

Cryptocurrency/Token Marketing

Both crypto and token marketing have the same digital marketing method because they have some minor changes in technical terms; likewise, marketing is the same as promoting your services on social platforms, PPC ads, and influencer marketing. These are all benefits of improving your audience base and making it considerably clearer who you are in the market.

Benefits of Using Digital Marketing for Your Crypto Business

There are so many benefits to adopting digital marketing for your crypto business, such as 

Reach a Wider, Targeted Audience and Build a User Base

Foremost, using digital marketing for your crypto business should improve your potential audience base in terms of your targeted regions, user behaviors, and interests.

Create Brand Awareness

Secondly, keep your brand in the crypto market and get good recognition from the market; digital marketing is the only way to attain all these benefits. That reflects your business's success in getting new customers, and your business is visible to all credible customers.

Increase your Leads and Sales

Every business's motive is to increase sales and get more leads from its potential audience. Besides, digital marketing helps to improve your leads through shrewd ways of promoting their product or services on social networking platforms, websites, email marketing, and influencer marketing. Send proper, intrinsically valued messages to your audience to acquire your sales. Those practices will grow your business and sales.

Customer Engagement

If you have been struggling for a long time to increase customer engagement with your product or service, this is for you. With the help of digital marketing, you can engage your audience by availing of useful content, unveiling exclusive deals, and interacting with them on social media platforms. These behaviors will reach out to your brand through more customer bonding.

Ways of Digital Marketing for Your Crypto Projects

Every crypto business has a main motive to elevate their business to attract investors, improve brand visibility, and finally generate leads or sales. We are simply a synthesis of all digital marketing methods for crypto businesses.

Develop a Website for your Crypto Startup

The predominant first step is to develop a good-looking website for your crypto startups. Your website has checked out in some qualities, such as responsive UI and UX that meet the latest industry-leading standards for both desktop and mobile. Giving the original list of information, like case studies, reviews, and other house media, about your service and giving high-quality and unique content is an important factor in doing SEO. These are proof that your business should be genuine because a lot of scams circulate on the market.

Search Engine Optimization

The next important move in crypto startup marketing is doing SEO for your business website. Initially, your crypto startup needs SEO to establish your business in the market and attain hugely beneficial marketing results. You will need to outsource to a professional SEO company to deliberate your ideas about your business; they will give you a professional guide for on-page, off-page SEO, Local SEO and International SEO. 

Regarding SEO, 50-60% should depend on your content's uniqueness, quality, and other matters like page experience, loading speed, and time. Optimize your site's meta tags, description, and URLs with targeted keywords. However, 40-50% should build quality backlinks for your site from trusted sources on other highly authoritative sites. All these are SEO practices that your website should portray to search engines so that people will trust your business.

PPC Advertisements

This PPC marketing strategy is the best alternative to SEO. Everyone should keep in mind that this is fully separate from investing your money to run an ad campaign for your business; it automatically gives results to drive traffic and is able to attain a potential customer for your business. A lot of PPC ads show up in multiple forms, such as video ads, display ads, social media ads, etc. 

Paid advertising has the potential to return a huge amount of traffic to your site and increase your sales conversion rate. In the crypto niche, PPC marketing is mostly well-successfully done by running ads on banner content. This is the best way for people who have easily identified your services on top of the page. This way of advertising is a little bit more expensive than other ways of advertising, but it’s truly worth every penny of money. You can also get the results immediately Besides, you can know if your advertising campaigns have generated what type of results. Some advertising tools will track your results and help you know what stage of your business has appeared in the market. I.e., Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Google Keyword Planner, Ahrefs, Semrush, Google Optimize, Buffer, Hot Jar, and Moz are good marketing automation systems.

Social Media Marketing and Crypto Press Releases

Social networking platforms connect to all people nearby and across our country's border. On the same side, every business has a great opportunity to grow its potential audience and generate leads and sales. 

Not only that for the crypto business, but now every business must have its own social media accounts on famous social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Facebook. Specifically for crypto business, social media marketing is best to promote your product or services on the platform “X” (Twitter). Because most of the crypto talkers have been active on Twitter, Discord, Reddit, and Instagram. LinkedIn is the best place for business entrepreneurs to showcase their services and communication, but advertising on this platform is a little bit expensive. Contribute to these platforms with fresh text content, images, videos, and URL’s. Both organically and paid will be helpful for your crypto marketing.

Press releases are an essential thing for every crypto startup's business. Specifically, crypto domain-based press release sites have introduced your brand to your targeted audience and your competitor's business. Most of the crypto business press releases are more expensive than those of other niche businesses. Some examples of Crypto Press Release sites include Cointelegraph,, GlobeNewswire, and PR Newswire

Email Marketing

This is also one way to promote your crypto startups to your target audience in customized marketing emails about your crypto business. Direct marketing is replaced by email marketing in many ways. In this email marketing, some mail formats are familiar in the market, such as currency crypto market news, info, products, services, special limited-time offers, etc. So that many email marketing tools are available in the market to promote your business, such as Mailchimp, Active Campaign, MailerLite, HubSpot, etc.

Build your Business Community

The business community is made up of people who have the same level of interest in your crypto products or services. Your community members will bring the right audience and users to your platform. Build your communities on social platforms like Reddit, Discord, and Telegram. Discord is a familiar crypto-based platform to acquire your audience and build a community. Some examples of famous crypto exchanges like Binance, Coinbase, etc. have separately run telegram channels for their audiences in country-based and languages-based.

Airdrop Campaigns

Circulate your tokens, or crypto coins, for the maximum number of people to freely do some simple tasks like sign up on the platform or just participate in the community. This kind of marketing strategy is called an airdrop. In this way of promoting novelty, early adopters should be more loyal to your platform, build a lot of trustworthiness, and gain some freebies through your platform. From there, the trend is to spread their benefits to all other financial participants and people who are looking to invest their funds. So these are all ways; they may lead your crypto token or coins to gain a lot of popularity in many regions, although they may also increase prices.

Conduct Bounty Campaigns

Bounty is a program that requires interested users to do some tasks, and then they will get a payment or reward. In the crypto field, Bounty is used to advertise its platform exchange, token, cryptocurrency, and virtual properties to targeted audiences. If the users that participate in the tasks are required to complete them with some restrictions, such as needing much or a lesser amount of time, promotional activities like creating posts, adding stories, retweeting/reposting, participating in the forums, and creating threats

How Much Does Crypto Marketing Cost?

Crypto marketing costs utterly depend on your needs and budget. Roughly, its average marketing costs from $2,500 to $10,000 per month. Crypto marketing activities include SEO, PPC advertising, and influencer marketing and depend upon your custom preferences for other ways of digital marketing. NounQ is the best cryptocurrency marketing agency that offers digital marketing for startup crypto businesses and large-sized crypto businesses.

Final Thoughts

The cryptocurrency market hasn't been stable for a while. Every day and every time, it should fluctuate. But if you build a stronger marketing presence for your business, then your users will automatically never give up hope in your platform. If you are looking to build strong digital marketing for your business, then NounQ Technologies is the right digital marketing company for your entire crypto business for all your digital marketing needs.

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