Top 15 SEO Trends to Leverage in 2024

Search Engine Optimization(SEO)

SEO is evolving way faster every month. Parallelly, Google also pushes significant release updates in its algorithm and understands the user queries to give the most relevant and useful answers, so you have to update your website contentwise and technically, and that will benefit your competition in any way. 

In 2024, what kind of SEO strategy do you plan to implement for your business? To keep reading, you will get a better view and idea of your SEO future trends and predictions in 2024. And also know about how to optimize your website in SEO in detail.

Top SEO Trends of 2024

Here are the top trending and impactful SEO strategies for your business in 2024.

  1. First-hand experience with topics
  2. Conversational queries
  3. Video Marketing
  4. Reinforcing your EAT signals
  5. Image optimization and accessibility in 2024
  6. Rise of the featured snippet
  7. The importance of semantically related keywords
  8. People-first content
  9. SEO automation
  10. Product page optimization
  11. SEO competitor analysis
  12. Fast-loading websites
  13. ChatGPT
  14. Emphasis on author authority
  15. Continued priority for mobile-friendly websites

First-Hand Experience with Topics

In the real world, most search engines, like Google, serve to answer user query results with the most relevant content and show the search result solution based on their needs. The concept of first-hand experience is showing the user content that is related to the user search query and displaying more relevant information with real-world experience.

Procedures to Optimize for this Trend

Currently, you use existing content or topics to provide relevant, accurate, and up-to-date information for your search users. Google will now understand and give priority to real-world experience and the exact field knowledge of the person who has written the entire content. So if you consider that your content writer must know from both real-world experience and your niche area of the business field, it is otherwise important to create motivation to write numerous topics on areas of interest and get more visibility in the SERP.

Conversational Queries

Google delicately focuses on improving the user experience, giving exact search results to the users quickly, and understanding the user's vernacular languages. Also, Google’s LaMDA AI model focuses on the user’s dialogue to understand the best way to deliver the search results effectively. This process includes when users converse with Google and try to deliver user-centric search results.

Procedures to Optimize for this Trend

The important role played in the SEO trends in 2024 is conversational queries because voice search takes place indistinctly. As of the current statistics, 27% of mobile users use voice search. Although more than 20% of searches have occurred in the Google app through voice search, Google also focuses on natural language processing (NLP) to grasp the user search query and give better, richer results. You can optimize your Voice search by following these steps, such as

Targeting Phrasing

If a user typed phrases for one meaning, however, verbal phrases were understood for different meanings. This mistarget phrasing issue is explained with some examples, such as "best adventure bikes for long drives." Nevertheless, verbal searches trigger the query, “Which is the best adventure bike brand?” These conflict searches need to be optimized for verbal searches and to target conversational keywords.

Answers in shortly

In this process, keep your query answers short, maintain a valid level, and deliver information quickly. The answers to the best adventure bikes for long drives should be short and clear to deliver the results and highlight the brand names.

Optimize Vernacular Phrase

Different regions of people use the phrase differently and use it to depict objects or places. So for such a vernacular phrase, you have to optimize your conversational search.

Video Marketing

Video marketing is one of the most hectic SEO trends in 2024 because most people's buying decisions are decided by consuming videos. Likewise, Google will also help users find the right informative videos from search users; they will have some kinds of stuff rolled out to get faster search results.

Time Stamp Clips

This feature has given people the option to find and consume the exact content of the video. If the video publisher creates the timestamps in the description of the video, it will be easy for end users to find key moments.

Seek Markup

The purpose of Seek markup is to inform your URL structure to Google. So that Google will automatically display your key moments. If it is enabled, Google will link to specific points in your video.

Ways to optimize for this trend

By incorporating your video content into your web pages, you can also increase your user engagement rate, ranking, and traffic because most users want to watch videos while comparatively opting to read. In both clip markup and seek markup, use your videos in detailed and keyword-rich markups. 

If you have a video about an oil change for a bike, don't include these liberal markups like “Step 1," “Step 2," and so on. Explain the markups in detail “Remove the oil filter cap," “Loosen the drain plug," and so on. These markups will provide more opportunities to rank your videos in relevant search results and increase your engagement rate.

Reinforcing your EAT signals

Google is now just expecting every website to have a must-pass-on EAT experience. This signals continuity in looking at your site's expertise, authority, and trustworthiness when it’s considering your web page ranking. EAT signals include real-life proof, client testimonials, links to top authoritative sites, expressing your area of expertise, badges, etc.

Ways to Optimize for this Trend

Subtly, create your website content while keeping it in EAT. Before you do this, back your website data with stats, facts, and backlinks to authority sites like .org, .edu, .gov, etc. display your portfolio, testimonials, client reviews, awards, and badges. You can also stimulate your EAT signals by linking your site to other authoritative websites.

Image Optimization and Accessibility in 2024

Website image optimization is the next big thing for your website because its future is incalculable and should be used in many ways to convey your ideas visually through appealing images, Google search on top search results, enchanting images to convert your business to get information, and so on. 

However, most of them should not pay attention to image optimization. Sometimes, your website image ranks higher than your website ranking position.

Ways to Optimize Your Website Image

Take the time to conduct an image audit for your website and figure out what implementation is needed to prepare and improve your image optimization score. They are:

  • Compress your HD or UHD images without affecting your page speed
  • Name your images so they're fit for your appropriate areas and keywords
  • Add “Alt Text” to every image.
  • Use the latest image formats

Rise of the Featured Snippet

The upcoming year's featured snippets will play an important role for users and marketers. Featured snippets give rich, exact answers in short form within two lines, and most of these answers come from how-to’s, FAQs, bulleted lists, or simple ones in one line.

Ways to Optimize for this Trend

If you want to show your content on Google in the featured snippet category, you will know about people's motives, how they would search, and nearly focus on content and user search query terms. To overcome this trend, use these best tools to find your targeted keywords and topics to help you write your content, such as Google auto-complete from the “Google search bar” or “People also ask.” These are more than enough to get your audience's search queries. 

Secondly, you must check that your content has the correct schema markup to be visible in the SERPs. Also, you can test your URL using Google’s Schema Markup Testing Tool.

The Importance of Semantically Related Keywords

Over a while, Google's algorithm pushes to suggest the user's relevant keywords while performing searches. These searches are predicted by search intent and semantics when a user sees the search results page. Over the years, Google has given personalized search results based on the user's age and day.

Ways to Optimize for this Trend

Don’t focus on specific keywords to write your content; instead, choose your keyword-related research cluster of topics and answer those questions. And they use your semantic-related keywords in your content. 

Alternatively, you opt for this way to attain this semantic keyword combination By using this method, you segregate your list for keyword combinations that are appropriate for your audience.

People-first content

In April 2022, Google announced plans to release a helpful content update, and this update is coming in the upcoming years of 2024 and beyond. This algorithm update works to deliver a more relevant and exact result for the user’s search queries. 

The purpose of this update is for Google to showcase to its search users that the resulting content is nearly written for humans and not for Google search bots.

Procedures to Optimize Your Content for this Trend

To tackle this trend in the upcoming years, you will create your informative content purely for the users and don’t write for your site ranking purposes. Similarly, don't stuff your targeted keywords in your informative content, as it will spoil your entire content flow and not be helpful for the users. 

Don’t rely so much on creating your content from AI chatbots. Instead of using AI chatbots liberally to generate content for your website that is more relevant and provides unique value for your users. In some steps to follow, you’ll create helpful content for your website and also Google such as,

  • Avail top-class user-experience
  • Provide Importance for first-hand experience
  • Don’t write specifically for search engines
  • Provide valuable content for your audience

SEO Automation

A lot of people use and adapt automation technologies for their work now and in the future. It contains a lot of advantages for marketers, including being time-consuming and concentrating on other tasks. Most companies do not spend their money on powerful software, but automation software will take an important place for SEO tasks in 2024, 2025, and beyond.

How to face and optimize for this trend

Firstly, invest your money in automation software and onboard your automation for the SEO team; it will save you a lot of tasks and allow you to use your time for other potential things.

Some automated technologies, like

  • Website Auditing Tool: Choose the perfect fit for your website auditing tool, like SEO Checker, Ahrefs site check, Screaming Frog, Semrush site audit tool, and so on. These are all checks that will give suggestions for just a few clicks to know your website's optimization tips, intimate traffic, and other suggestions.
  • Keyword Research Tools: Some useful keyword research tools will give better results for your website, such as Google Trends, Google Search Console, SpyFu, Moz, Semrush, etc. This tool makes it easy to find your targeted keywords and create your content with the presented keywords
  • Website Monitoring Tools: To benefit from these website monitoring tools, you can get and track various SEO metrics with just a few clicks, including website traffic, keyword rankings, and much more. Some examples of web monitoring tools are Middleware, Datadog, Zipy, Sematext, etc.

Product Page Optimization

To add value to your product page, include more detailed and valuable information for your website visitors. That will reflect your site visitors as easy-to-convert business leads and also might improve your brand visibility.

How do you spice up valuable information for your product page?

  • You must include FAQ sections to answer customer queries
  • Well-clearly Product description
  • Add your customer reviews
  • Enabling drop-down menus to give add-on features about your product

Above, these practices provide more than enough information to insist on your product page.

SEO Competitor Analysis

Moreover, brands make their websites implement the best SEO practices to get on top of SERPs. That’s the reason most businesses need essential trends for competition analysis. In the upcoming years of 2024 and 2025, there is no option to skip this SEO competitor analysis.

How to Overcome this Trend

To stay ahead of the competition among your competitors, you need competitor research software. Some examples of SEO competitor software, such as Semrush,  Ahrefs SERP Checker, Serpstat, SpyFu, Screaming Frog, and a lot more, are available on the market.

Fast-Loading Websites

Google and search users need and love faster-loading websites because most of the users don’t wait long, it feels frustrating, and it makes them feel bad. Make sure your website speed is maintained at an adequate level in the present and future of 2024 and beyond.

How to Optimize for this Trend

Use Google’s tools to measure your web page speeds and get useful insights and recommendations to improve your website page on both mobile and desktop. Some of Google's page speed measurement tools are Page Speed Insights or Core Web Vitals


ChatGPT is one of the biggest trendier generative AI in 2023 and will have a greater impact in the upcoming years. Usually, chatbots are trained and use large amounts of data to give answers and solutions in a conversational format.

Ways to Optimize for this Trend

SEO marketers now create their content from a lot of generative AI like ChatGPT, Bard, Bing Chat, FlowGPT, Jasper Chat, Perplexity, and a lot more chatbots available in the market. Most users have created their blog content using these chatbots. 

Correspondingly, Google released its helpful content update to prioritize only human-written content, neglecting fully AI bot content for the SERPs. For that, use these chatbots to get information for content ideas and make your content flow

Here is how to use ChatGPT for Digital Marketing

  • To find your targeted keywords and other related keywords,
  • To create page titles,
  • Brainstorm content ideas

Emphasis on Author Authority

Usually, search engines crawl your entire content, which includes plenty of information, including the author's bio, and adds value to search results with proof of real people. This trend goes on in the years 2023 and beyond.

Ways to Optimize for this Trend

Follow some steps to optimize your author profile for your web page, such as

  • The author's bio looks well-detailed and allows you to easily communicate your knowledge, experience, and expertise in the field with others.
  • Add links to your author’s social media handles so that Google can read and showcase them to realm people and experts.
  • Your author’s already written content and other related content are interrelated with it. So create your author’s bio page to interlink with it.

Consistent Priority for Mobile-friendly Websites

Increasing the user's usage of mobile and tablets to surf their websites on these platforms to purchase products or services. Google also gives a lot more priority to these platforms to make your website mobile-friendly.

Ways to Optimize this Trend

In every algorithm update, Google must check if the website is truly optimized for mobile users. To check if there are any issues on mobile devices Google released a mobile-friendly testing tool to check and acknowledge any issues with website experiences, and they will give a mobile test score for your website. To weed up your website bugs and alter your website designs will also be one of the reasons.

Keep your Website Updated and Stay ahead of Google SEO Trends

If you want to drive a new SEO strategy and need any more web optimization for upcoming SEO trends, in this blog we clearly explain SEO trends for 2024, 2025, and the upcoming years. Capitalize your website with the latest SEO trends and the guidance of a top SEO services provider for all businesses. For that, NounQ Technologies is the best resolver for any kind of SEO problem. We have prolific experts dedicated to SEO purposes. 

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