How Much Does Google Ads Cost in 2024?

Pay Per Click(PPC)

Nowadays, many business people have been interested and are contributing a lot of investment for paid advertising. The most familiar platform is Google Ads because the reason is the consumable number of users who use the Google search engine. Although Google's user rate is approximately 2 trillion searches per year, it may vary from that. Anyway, everybody has raised questions about the google ads cost and marketing plans. All of these PPC Advertising cost questions will be clarified in this blog. This blog will exactly describes you how much does google ads cost in 2024. 

What is Google Ads?

Google Ads is an online advertising platform fully developed by Google to show their clients advertisements on Google products and other partnered sites and apps. A simple concept: if your business is involved in advertising its product or service in Google ads, Google Work shows you ads When some users search for their needs, they enter keywords to search for, and they will see a lot of search results. In these results, your paid advertisement will show a ranking in the top-ranking results. 

It may vary depending on the bid amount set for your business. Also, this platform works fully in a bidding system, where users can bid their advertisement to display ads, search ads, video ads, service offerings, product ads, etc. The best thing Google Ads offers is that when someone clicks on your ad, it takes a cost of advertisement other than what you have placed an ad, and it hasn't been charged. However, you can set your PPC advertising budget on both a monthly and daily basis.

How Google Determines Cost Per Click?

The cost of Google Ads is determined by a lot of factors, such as keyword relevance, click-through rate (CTC), and on-page quality. Here are some factors determining how your Google ads are calculated:

Quality Score

When someone uses Google to search for their wants, Google looks at whether any advertisers bid for these relevant keywords. If yes, then bidding is triggered, and Google will display all the relevant ads in the bidding. In this process, Google chooses the top-ranking position, which is one factor determined by using the quality score. The quality score scale is from 1 to 10. If the quality score is higher, that means your ads are more relevant and useful to the users. Once your ad’s quality score is determined by Google, it changes your Ads ranking

Quality Score = User Experience + Keyword Relevance + Expected CTR

Ad Rank

Also, Google will compete in ranking factors by using AdRank. Your ad rank will determine which position will appear in the search results. This is the formula for Google AdRank.

Ad Rank = Maximum Bid * Quality Score

If you attain higher AdRanks, then you will get a top-ranking position in the search results.

Cost per click

By the Google Ads protocols, if a user can click on your ad, then you will pay for that clicked ad. Unless you haven’t paid the excess amount for the Google ads, Google will follow this formula for CPC for your ads

CPC = Ad Rank of the ad below yours / Quality Score + $.01

With this formula, some advertisers can spend a lesser amount per click than other advertisers for the same intended keyword because the lesser amount payable advertiser has a higher quality score. This is the reason small, contributing advertisers can compete with the big-budget spending advertisers on Google SERP.

Variables That Impact Your Google Ads Costs

Some additional variables will influence your Google Ads ranking, such as

  • Relevant Landing page and experience
  • Device, location, and user search query
  • Auction-time quality
  • Use Alternative Bidding methods
  • Alternative Ad formats

In some moments, these will alter your ranking on Google Ads

How Much Does Google Ads Cost in 2024?

The cost of Google Ads depends on various factors, such as your industry, campaign targeting, and ad network. The average cost per click for Google ads is roughly $1 to $2 on the Google search network. The average monthly cost of Google ads is between $1,000 and $10,000.

Factors of Pricing

Average Cost

Google Ads Spend

$1,000 to $30,000 per month

CPC (Google Search Network)

$1 to $2 per click

CPC (Google Display Network)

$1 or less per click

Professional Google Ads Management

$350 to $5000 or 12-30% of ad spend per month

PPC Management Tools

$15 to $800 per month

Factors that Determine Google Ads Pricing

The cost of Google Ads will depend on various factors, including your industry, current trends, consumer list style, and how you will manage your account.


The authority of Google Ads pricing is determined by industry. Some unique industries have always engaged in more competition than others. Industries have to compete to attain their targets that’s the way competition is highly emerging also the cost of Google ads may rise up for other competitors in the same field. In some specific niches, industries are more competitive in Google ads, like Accounting, Attorney and legal, Real Estate, healthcare, etc. With a lot of competitive keywords in Google Ads, you should need to pay a higher CPC.

Current Trends

Monitor your current trends and latest online advertising patterns because these are changing consistently, and your audience needs and shopping preferences are also changing over time. According to this trend, you may alter the keyword bidding strategy for your business. However, the average CPC is suddenly going to rise or fall because of seasonal trend moderation.

Keyword Relevance

Your targeted keywords are also one of the crucial parts to influence Google ads pricing because different industries target their keywords based on industry and targeted location. In some user queries keywords are more powerful because it’s triggered ready to make a purchase for the consumers. For example in some ways “Home insurance” is the highest CPC than life Insurance.

Bidding Strategy

The bidding strategy has a two-type category basis such as Cost-per-click (CPC), and Cost-per-action (CPA). Firstly, If you opt for manual CPC you get more advertising controls within your budget. In this bidding strategy when a customer clicks on your ad that deducts your advertising amount and in this strategy, you’ll bid always higher than your competitors because there are more possible ways to help convert your leads. Secondly, CPA is when you spend a total cost to get some actions from your customer like signup, purchase, registration, and any other. This Bidding strategy is basically to attain your desired conversion value.

Choosing Ad Network Type

Commonly people have to choose the two types of ad networks such as Google Search Network or Google Display Network. Familiarly, people decide Google search network has higher CPCs also user interaction is higher than others which may influence pricing. But other than Google display ads network has a separate audience due to a lot of targeting options and also it has a lower CPC.

Factors Affecting the Cost of Google Adwords

Some other factors can interfere to influence your Google Ad’s cost that is dayparting, geotargeting, and device targeting. Let us know how it impacts the Google Ads cost


Dayparting is one of the techniques when a user has to understand their business such as weekends, weekdays, specific days, or times sales become more highly than other times. At this time, to participate in Google Ads you’ll get more CPC at lower costs. In parallel running Google ads during peak hours in fewer people click on your ad then you will pay a higher CPC.

Device Targeting

In some other unique way to proceed with your Google ads on especially specific devices like different variety of display sizes and screen resolutions like smartphones, tablets, and PCs. Not only that if you only advertise only on Apple products like iPhones or iPads.


This type of strategy is also useful for many advertisers and businesses to use this feature to reduce the spending lot amount of CPCs. To clear-cut target your audience in some of your business's desired demographics or focus high demandable regional or local markets. This way to promote your products or services you could save your money for excessive spending CPC rates.

How Does Google Ads Cost Differ by Industry?

Commonly, Google Ads is also one of the factors to determine industrywise. Every need is different from the others but spending on Google ads averages from $1000 to &10,000 per month. These are averaging money value as changes occur depending upon the industry, products, services, and competitors all of which cause to hike in Google Ads Cost.

Here, is this a tabulate column describing the CPC rates of Google Ads:


Average CPC (Search)

Average CPC (Display)










Consumer Services



Dating & Personals









Employment Services



Finance & Insurance



Health & Medical



Home Goods



Industrial Services






Real Estate






Travel & Hospitality



What are the Average CPC for Google Ads?

Google Ads offers many types of ads for different niche businesses and industries. Also, it’s credible for advertisers to focus wide area to promote their business in various stages. We list down some of the Google Ads types:

Search Ads

This type of ad should be in text format, At this ad is visible on the Google Search results page and partner sites. Most search ads are if someone searches their queries on Google then Google will list out the user-relevant intent stuffs. Search Ad's average cost is $2.32 per click depending on your industry and bids.

Display Ads

Display Ads are visually engaging user ads. This type of ad is mostly visible on websites, and apps and in various formats like Images, videos, text, and animated GIFs. It is helpful for increasing your brand awareness and getting more attention from your audience. The average cost for this display ad is $0.67 per click. This pricing may vary by time, targeted region, and format.

Shopping Ads

If some user searches for some product this shopping ad is first visible to that user on Google search results or other Google surfaces. This ad describes the product title, images, pricing, and merchant information. Shopping Ads are more usable for e-commerce businesses. Normally Shopping Ad's average cost is $0.54 per click.

Video Ads

In Google Video Ads are more engaging and immersive Ads for your targeted users. To fetch your brand awareness and build your brand name within your audience video Ads strategy is very helpful for your business. The Google Video Ads cost should be calculated on with the Cost per view (CPV). The usual average cost of YouTube video ads is from $0.010–$0.030 which means the video gets 1,000 views then the video Ads cost will be around $10-$30. Google Video Ads are visible on different platforms like YouTube, Google Video Partners, and other partnered websites and apps. There are numerous Google Video Ad formats such as

  • Skippable In-stream Ads: These ads play during, before, and after other videos. Mostly these ads give an option for the viewer after playing for 5 to 10 seconds to skip this Ad.
  • Non-skippable In-stream Ads: In this ad, users don’t have control to skip this ad in the present, past, and future while playing a video. The duration of an ad is 30 seconds or shorter
  • Vertical-friendly Video Ads: Utilizing these ads are suitable for mobile devices and optimized APKs. Vertical video ads are placed on YouTube and other Google video partners. In this short form video you will get more than 10-20% more conversion rate in landscape video format ads
  • In-feed Video Ads: This type of Video Ad concept is a thumbnail image from your video and consists of some text it should consume in may vary depending sizes on where you place to appear videos it. These in-feed video ads appear on the YouTube homepage, channel page, search results, and Alongside YouTube-related videos.
  • Bumper Ads: These bumper Ads are playing before, after, and during your watching video, and haven’t to skip this ad. The Duration of the Ad is 6 seconds or shorter it creates a stronger message to your audience. Also, it shows YouTube and other Google-partnered websites.
  • Outstream ads: This Ad works in playing videos muted for your audience, To reach an audience by visually engaging and triggering to unmuted your video ads. Also, its reach is quite efficient at a low price. Mostly this form of video ads are visible in Apps, and website, with the Google video partnership. It’s not for the YouTube platform.

App Ads

These Ads promoted via mobile apps appear on Google Search Network, Google Play, YouTube, and other partnered sites. Whereas App ads look text, video, and image-based to engage the users to covert an action to visit their website or encourage them to install Mobile Apps.

Local Services Ads

Local Ads display the local businesses and show locally available service providers like plumbers, Electricians, and Cleaners. Moreover, local ads are visible on Google Search and Maps. Also, it showcases business pieces of information, reviews, and ratings.

Discovery Ads

Discovery ads give a richer appearance for the users on Google Discover Feed, Gmail, YouTube, and Google-partnered websites. The motto of this type of Ad is to capture user attention and increase brand awareness.

Performance Max

This type of ad uses automated campaigns and the latest machine learning technology to optimize the ad-creating strategies and placement of ad that is suitable for all Google platforms such as search engine, display, shopping, video, and discovery. Although, this way of promotion is max up the conversion rates, and reaches your targeted audiences.

Smart Ads

This type of ad analyzes your website and then automatically creates a simplified marketing campaign for your targeted audiences. This is one of the best for newcomers in Google Ads and has lower resources.

Final Verdict

World people's usage of the internet is slowly increasing day by day likewise many more businesses have utilized this chance to prove their business in the world by using Google Ads and other forms of PPC Advertisements and social media ads. Also, the potential demand is high from the users. From Startups to Multinational companies choice of preference is doing Google Ads for their business. Take dedicated time to plan for your business marketing and improve your business in a skyrocketed height and shorter time.

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